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Google's ranking system for online sites

Google Analytics

The rank of a web page is determined by mathematical formulas used by search engines. Ranking algorithms are the names given to these mathematical formulas. Although search engines don’t reveal their exact algorithms, Our Free SEO Tools can help you identify them.

To rank webpages, all major search engines employ the same method. Although the actual ranking algorithms vary from one search engine to another, the fundamental remains the same.

Use or search tools to get high Google rankings

If you take the right steps in the right order, you will save a lot of time and money.


You need quality backlinks

Quality backlinks

A backlink is a link to your website from another website. You’ll need a lot of good backlinks if you want to rank well. It’s a basic concept: if page a connects to page b, then page a to page b is a recommendation. The higher your rankings, the more links pointing to your website.

The links’ quality is also crucial. A link from a trustworthy website with a similar topic is by far better than to have links from unrelated websites or link directories. The link building tools and Free SEO tools we offer will help you to get high-quality links as easily as possible.

Your web page content needs to be optimized

Google’s technology examines the site so  you will want to make sure your entire web page’s text, images, fonts, Page Titles, meta data and the specific location of each word are all optimized for search engines.


Your web page content needs to be optimized

Keyword Research​

Gather the best keywords for SEO.
Add keywords that are comparable, related, or long-tail to your keyword list.
Learn everything you can about the keywords your competitors are using in organic and paid search.
By targeting relevant search queries, you may direct your target audience to your website.
Evaluate any keyword against the most important SEO factors.


Social media mentions.

The most crucial ranking indications are the content of your web pages and backlinks from other sites. In addition to these indications, search engines take into account mentions of your website on social media.

The more your website is mentioned on social media, the more popular it appears to be. This can help your pages rank higher.